Friday, July 2, 2010

Holy Jay Servidio is Terrific

If someone had told me during my 30 years as a CPA in Cleveland that one day I'd retire to Miami and spend my days running my own adult website, I'd have laughed and told them they were insane. I'd have told them that would never happen. I had never had interest in pornography or adult films. It wasn't my thing. I was a corporate drone and living a life of routine, rather repressed and boring. Wel, "never say never", as the saying goes. Wow! In the last year, I've hung up my shingle as a numbers man, thrown away my business suits, broadened my horizons, opened my mind, and now, from my patio looking out at the Atlantic Ocean, I spend my days in shorts and T-shirts, running and marketing my adult websites! How did this happen? I met Jay Servidio of Teleteria at an airport last year when our flights were delayed. He was heading to a conference in Toronto, and I was heading to visit my 86 year old aunt in Buffalo who'd suffer a heart attack. Jay and I began chatting. His story was compelling. I was ready for a change, and the rest is history. Thanks, Jay and Teleteria. Your service and support has been wonderful. My life changed forever at LaGuardia Airport during the ice storm of '09. Who'd have thunk it? Roger G. P.S. Hey Jay: My aunt's much better now, though I don't think I'll be sharing the details of my new career with her...